Wednesday 19th September 2018

Sometimes, Somewhere, Someday…


Sometimes, Somewhere, Someday…

Sabhyata© Sabhyata Nepal
Snow Apex Academy, Grade X
Dhobidhara, Kathmandu


Someone will be standing
Wiping your tears away
Holding your hands

You’ll let yourself
Squeeze like a rubber
Through all the feature

Life’s a game
It’s not ashamed
Following its heart
Travelling dispatched path

I can feel it
So, you wait
Gotta wait until
Your heart tells you

Of those people I swear
You’ll have to pay
Even you delay

I’ve been used to
Of all those pains
But I’m confused
Why ain’t I gain!

I’m gonna smile
I’m waiting to laugh
I wanna grow
Like a child

So please
Let me awake
Let my heart heart wake
Let the world enlighten
Let it brighten

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