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‘China, Germany and Japan have to fund More’ say NGOs

Global Fund hasn’t hit its fundraising targets since 2010


एड्स हेल्थकेयेर फाउण्डेसन

एड्स हेल्थकेयेर फाउण्डेसन


KATHMANDU, May 11, 2016— With the approach of the Fifth Replenishment Round of the Global Fund later this year, AIDS Healthcare Foundation is re-launching the “Fund the Fund” campaign, which calls on donor countries to commit to fully funding the Global Fund for 2017-2019 grant cycle. Due to reductions in donor pledges, the Global Fund hasn’t hit its fundraising targets since 2010.


As part of the campaign, advocates hosted a press conference on May 11, 2016 at Summit Hotel, Kopundole Height, Lalitpur, Nepal Wednesday. An update about the FUND the FUND Campaign organized for the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) representing Key Populations and Journalists and the Press Conference citing the Appeal to Japanese, Chinese and Germany (three) Embassies released at the press conference. AHF, which is spearheading the “Fund the Fund” campaign, has issued a petition urging wealthy donor countries, such as Germany, China, and Japan to help meet the Global Fund’s fundraising target of $13 billion.


According to UNAIDS, if the pattern of stagnant funding persists, and HIV treatment and services are not scaled up rapidly by 2020, this could result in 21 million deaths and an additional 28 million people becoming infected with HIV by 2030. If this were to happen, the world would have to pay an additional $24 billion every year for antiretroviral therapy by 2030. On the other hand, a timely scale-up of funding for AIDS, TB and malaria would yield a 15-fold return on investment.

Appeal publication May 11, 2016 National Daily (English) AHF and NAP+N
Handover of the Appeal to 3 Embassies (Japan, China and Germany) May 11, 2016 Japanese Embassy (10.30 am)

Chinese Embassy (11.45 pm)

Germany Embassy (1 pm)

AHF, NAP+N and partners
Interaction about Fund the Fund (with journalist) and media release May 11, 2016

(3-4.30 pm)

Summit Hotel, Kopundole Height, Lalitpur (Tel: 5521810, 5524694) AHF, NAP+N and partners


“To End AIDS epidemic as part of sustainable development goal, let’s stand together and continue fight against AIDS and its negative effects to the Global Citizen”, said NAP+N President Achut Sitoula.


“To save lives, let us continue ongoing HIV response and scale up to ensure fast track to end AIDS by 2030” said AHF Nepal Country Program Manager Deepak Dhungel


“Now is not the time to retreat on the worldwide fight against HIV and AIDS,” said Loretta Wong, Senior Director of Global Advocacy and Policy for AHF. “We are going to call on global leaders to honor, and at least match, their previous commitments to the Fund. We are also going to encourage several other high profile, wealthy countries including Germany, China and Japan—countries that clearly have the resources—to step up in the global fight against AIDS.”


AIDS can and will be stopped, due in part to investment in the Global Fund. Over 470 million people have been tested for HIV thanks to Global Fund supported programs. About 8.6 million people are receiving lifesaving antiretroviral therapy for HIV and 16 million people with HIV-TB co-infection have been treated. Nearly 3.3 million mothers have received treatment to prevent the transmission of HIV to their babies and 560 million people with malaria have been treated.


If the decline in funding continues, these impressive achievements might be endangered, and we could lose billions of dollars, and more importantly, millions of lives. We kindly request a meeting to discuss this matter at your earliest convenience. The health of millions of our global citizens should not, and will not be ignored.


“The Global Fund has made a tremendous impact in terms of lightening the world’s burden of HIV, TB, and malaria,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “Failing to ‘Fund the Fund’ not only does the world an enormous disservice, but also endangers the lives of HIV patients who rely on these funds.  With the Global Fund Replenishment Conference approaching later this year, now is the time to urge these countries to scale up their funding.”

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