Wednesday 19th September 2018

A Historical “No Blame” Conference

Kathmandu, 27 Jan.

Primeminister Puspakamal Dahal (Prachnda) inaugurated a joint conference of Government Attorneys and Investigation Officers of Nepal Police in Kathmandu today. The three-day conference focuses on strengthening joint effort in investigation and prosecution of the government cases.

“The new technology has developed the criminal activities and criminals are being organized internationally which is the main challenge but this conference could be historical to overcome such problems.”  PM said while inaugurating the conference.


The Attorney General, organizer of the conference, Raman Kumar Shrestha said that it was historical in Nepal because the conference was organized for the First time after 65 years of the establishment of the office of Attorney General. He further added, “This conference would be meaningful in investigation and prosecution of the cases reducing to be defeated in the state cases.”

Likewise, Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs , Ajaya Shanker Nayak said that cooperation and coordination between the government agencies is essential to win the cases, only the better law cannot do anything if there is no proper coordination. Mininster Nayak hoped the conference will make the joint task between Government Attorneys and the Police officers in investigation.


Gopal Prasad Parajuli, senior judge at the supreme Court opined that Court always ready to join hands for such kinds of activities. He further said “ Such micro level activities are encouraging to promote and implement the macro level policies of  the government.”

Upendra kant Aryal, Chief of the Police said that only police (investigation officers) should not be blamed while losing the cases as all the investigations are carried out by the direction of Government Advocates.


Also IGP Aryal told the conference would be milestone to increase truth, cooperation and coordination between both government professionals resulting noticeable result.


Sher Bdr. KC, Chairman of Nepal Bar Association, demanded to stop taking statement only in acquaintance of the police. “The acquaintance of Government Attorney should be implemented practically while taking statement” he said.


A three day long conference will be concluded on Sunday.

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