Wednesday 28th September 2022

Around 40,000 pair of shoes sold during Footwear Exhibition

 Kathmandu, Dec. 30: Around 40,000 pair of shoes sold during a seven days National Industrial Footwear Exhibition that was concluded at Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Centre on Wednesday.
More than 100,000 visitors ranging from general people to ministers, high government officials, and political leaders visited during the exhibition. Footwear Manufacturing Association of Nepal (FMAN) organised the 12th National Industrial Footwear Exhibition to promote Nepalese footwear and Nepali garment at home and abroad.
Speaking at a closing ceremony of the exhibition, Minister for Commerce and Labour and Employment Deepak Bohara committed to provide require support for developing and promoting the domestic products. “We have to focus the production of domestic products which is high potential for making the country self reliance and help reduce the rampant trade deficit,” he said He assured that his ministry is ready to provide support the entrepreneurs to produce domestic products based on domestic raw materials. Minister Bohara said that he has already directed the secretary to make a specific plan to do within a first 100 days of his ministry which help promote domestic products and encourage the entrepreneurs towards the production based on domestic raw materials.
Commerce Secretary Nagendra Upadhyaya said that the Ministry of Commerce has been focusing the product development of domestic products and its promotion to make the country self reliant in country’s potential products. He assured that the Ministry will provide training to produce the skilled manpower in required for the domestic industries.
President of Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) Rajesh Kazi Shrestha asked the government to focus the production of domestic products by providing require supports to reduce the widening trade deficit. “It is necessary to control the import of some specific products and promote them where the country can make self reliant in those products like footwear,” he said. He asked the government to launch relief package for the businessmen to provide relief and cope with the losses caused by the unofficial blockade imposed by India. Rabin Kumar Shrestha, president of FMAN, asked that the government to establish training centres to produce the skilled manpower required for the industries.
At present, Nepalese footwear cover around 65 per cent national demand. Stating that the country exported footwear products worth Rs. 2.5 billion and imported such goods worth Rs. 5 billion, he said that the country can be self reliant on footwear products shortly if the government promoted this sector.Rising Nepal

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