Wednesday 28th September 2022

Parties want their agenda alive : Swagat Nepal, Advocate and Journalist

 Q. How could you see contemporary politics?

Swagat Nepal-My personal view is that the constitution is impossible by the procedure of majority. I myself also ask questions in my program who says procedure or consensus. But now for the consensus many questions have been formed. Democracy is the process of majority. But this doesn’t for constituent assembly. Constitution should be more inclusive. Some forces are outside the assembly their demands should be also addressed.  If it is not address till then constitution will not get its acceleration. Some analysts say all the forces even outside the assembly should be addressed. But that is not being happened. The forces that say consensus they want only consensus within assembly.
Q. They want instability?
– They don’t instability. This is a political cult. The forces want the constitution without consensus they want their agenda alive.
Q. Do you mean if consensus is held there will be no agenda for the political parties?
– Yes. I mean it.  If UCPNMaoist and Madhesh based parties agreed bringing the constitution, their agendas will be lost after the constitution.  The forces that demand consensus they want their agenda alive. If I were a leader of a party I would also want my agenda alive.  Because once constitution declared I will not have any agenda.
Q. Do you mean they want some agenda be fulfilled and some be remained?
– All want the constitution to be declared but they want their agenda alive.
Q.  Those who want procedure they only want to go procedure why they don’t seek consensus?
-Congress and UML can declare constitution.  They can declare under the international democratic norms and values. The question will not be raised but they don’t do this. They demonstrate the activities to put the opposition in corner. They want the opposition damaged to rise again after the declaration of constitution. Ruling parties can declare constitution within an hour.
Q. What do you think about the situation where Congress and UML want bringing constitution by procedure and other parties are in waging demonstration? Or Congress and UML want show that they are responsible for people?
-We say procedure but this clarified by regulation. We are student of constitution law as regulation has made provision. If consensus is not held then that should be sent to central leaders. And through this provision approved one act requires 22 days. The procedure was agreed earlier but the procedure is wrongly defined.
Q. One side Congress and UML and another side UCPNMaoist and Madhesh based parties. In this situation which one is good to adopt procedure or consensus?
-Constitution should be brought by consensus but consensus is defined in Interim constitution. If consensus is not formed, procedure will be taken. Because while writing that no one had mentioned a dissent. All parties had given consent to the agreement. 6 lakhs vote RPP has got. That means RPP represents 6 lakhs people. If you take a parties of Tarai Madhesh 12 out 16 constituency won by Madhesh based parties. Remained was won by Congress and UML. The member of Congress and UML should present the ideology of Congress and UML. Madheshi based members should present their ideology and demand. The politics says this. They should present what their agenda were. They should not go with ruling parties. If they do that they will go against their voters. Their voters vote them for their rights. If they go with ruling parties it will be ignoring people’s sentiment.
Q.  Madheshi leaders of Congress and UML are not satisfied with the stand of their parties about the form of formation of states. What do you think about this situation?
– Madheshi leaders of Congress and UML don’t agree with two states in Madhesh. Another say three states should be in Madhesh. Number is not important, important issue is capacity of being state. Parties have kept the issues in their manifestos. Madhesh based placed the issues as their own and Congress and UML placed as their own concepts.

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