Monday 22nd July 2019

Safa Sunaulo Nepal Completes Its One Month Self Employment Based (Sewing, Knitting And Thread Rolling) Training

  • Deepak Lamichhane

“The Ministry has been keen to advance the Education and Self employment opportunities for Woman in today’s date”, states the Minister of woman, child and senior citizen Hon. Tham Maya Thapa, in the closing ceremony of one month” sewing , knitting and thread rolling training” organized by Tibet University, Goodwill foundation and Safa Sunaulo Nepal on December 19, 2018. Feeling positive about this training, she assures that the Government of Nepal will be co-operating with the Government of China for such future prospects.

Bir Bahadur Thagunna from Social welfare council, Nepal is positive that this program contributes the great deal in making the woman more skillful and will create a significant impact on employability of participants. He also hopes for the continuity of such program as it makes more skilled manpower much required in present context. Also Section Chief of Department of Commerce, Tibet TAR Miss. Bainzhen expects every the woman participants of the program to continuously utilize the learning and be successfully employed.


Meanwhile, the Counselor of Chinese embassy Mr. Zhang Fan assures that the embassy will always be supportive and looking forward in supporting or launching this type of self employment based training. Section chief of Tibet University, TAR Mr. Tudengkezhu also expressed his gratitude towards the support and co-ordination of GON, Social welfare Council and the Ministry.

Rakesh Hamal, president of Safa Sunaulo Nepal concluded that participants were trained sewing, knitting and Thread rolling. Total of 32 out of 56 participants present in the program were awarded with sewing machine, sewing thread and certification. Training was conducted also in co-operation of Ward-6, Kritipur Municipality.

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